About Us

What does the Council Do?

The Frontenac Kingston Council on Aging and its volunteers work diligently conducting research and studies on topics of concern to seniors. Armed with this information we prepare informative reports and presentations geared to families, businesses, caregivers, policy makers and other organizations.

To obtain our goals we consult and network co-operatively with other organizations in order to help seniors and their caregivers. From these consultations we develop programmes and pilot projects to assist in healthy aging.

The Council produces and distributes a wide range of educational materials about aging and seniors’ issues. As part of our mission to support the Kingston regions aging population we lead workshops and make presentations on issues such as elder abuse, Power of Attorney, and Joint Ownership, safe and secure aging and accessibility to health care.

We also consult and make recommendations to a wide variety of decision makers in government, health care, and the community.

Through our Peer Support volunteers, and the elder abuse hotline, we provide support and information for those seniors whose financial, emotional and/or physical safety may be compromised.

The Council works to:

  • Participate in research, planning and coordination of services for seniors
  • Prevent and address elder abuse through Peer Support and community education
  • Research and develop programs to address issues arising from the aging of our community;
  • Share information on issues of concern to seniors
  • Make recommendations to decision makers
  • Inform the general public about issues surrounding our aging population
  • Support and encourage seniors to voice issues and concerns to all levels of government and to the general public