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Coffee Trends supports aging populations in Kingston

Kingston Heritage

Coffee Trends based in Kingston, Ontario, is a locally owned and operated, family run business that specializes in Keurig K-Cups single-serve beverages. The company offers a huge selection of aromatic coffee flavours that provide tastes designed to ignite the senses. As a socially conscious company, Coffee T

rends is always looking for ways to give back to the community. One of the partnerships the store is most proud of is with The Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging, which conducts research and studies on topics of concern to seniors, such as elder abuse, powers of attorney, and financial matters. In this way, The Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging helps to ensure seniors live safe, productive, and happy lives.

Coffee Trends is proud to support The Frontenac Kingston Council on Aging. Many of Coffee Trends customers are senior citizens, and they are a part of the fabric of the community in Kingston. Supporting an organization that has the best interests of seniors at heart just makes sense. To help aging citizens, The Frontenac- Kingston Council on Aging produces and distributes a wide range of educational materials about aging and seniors’ issues. The organization also leads workshops and makes presentations on issues such as elder abuse, Power of Attorney, safe and secure aging, and accessibility to health care. People can learn more about The Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging at the organization’s website – www.councilonagingkingston.org.

Coffee Trends is also a proud retailer of single-serve beverages. Each cup is brewed fresh and hot, and there is a wide variety of flavours to choose from, making them ideal for large offices and places of work that have people who will, no doubt, have differing tastes. Keurig coffee machines are also simple to use, hygienic, and easy to maintain. Coffee Trends carries over 400 varieties of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and, cappuccinos for offices to choose from. Companies that purchase Keurig coffee machines are never disappointed with the variety or price point. Keurig brewed coffee is reasonably priced compared to the coffee and tea sold at most retail coffee shops.

People who are considering purchasing a Keurig machine, and who are interested in single-serve beverages, should contact Coffee Trends in Kingston. It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made. To learn more about the benefits of the specialty coffees and teas made through Keurig machines, please contact Coffee Trends directly by telephone at 613-634-7377, or visit them at 772 Blackburn Mews.

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The Need of Long Term Care

Toronto – May 20, 2014 – In the midst of the province’s election, the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) warns that the aging population and the growing medical needs of seniors require urgent action by the next government to ensure that Ontario’s long term care homes can provide the care seniors deserve.

“The needs of seniors entering long term care homes have risen dramatically in recent years,” said Candace Chartier, CEO of OLTCA. “Too many seniors are living in homes that need to be rebuilt and modernized. Too many seniors with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia aren’t getting the supports they need to ensure their comfort and safety. Our advocacy campaign proposes solutions to these issues and aims to make change happen.”

OLTCA’s plan for action, “Better Seniors’ Care: It’s Time.” identifies key challenges facing seniors in long term care homes and puts forward several recommendations to provide seniors with better care, including the following:

  • OLTCA is calling to immediately develop and implement a plan to modernize homes identified as needing redevelopment, increasing the quality of care to the 35,000 seniors who live in these homes.
  • OLTCA is calling for the establishment of specialized behavioural supports in every home to develop a higher level of patient-centred care for the 61% of seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
  • OLTCA is calling for additional resources to address chronic understaffing and enhance care provider roles to better care for the 93% of seniors who require additional support to manage chronic diseases.

To help raise awareness of the issues facing seniors in long term care and build support for their plan, OLTCA has initiated a province-wide tour to meet with residents and their families, and unveiled a comprehensive advocacy campaign.

A recent poll completed by OLTCA found that more than 90% of Ontarians are concerned about insufficient staffing levels and about the deteriorating condition of long term care homes in the province.

“We know that Ontarians share our concern about our ability to care for their parents and grandparents,” said Chartier. “Our campaign provides them with the tools they need to do something about it. We want the public to know that with the right level of resources, long term care homes are expertly positioned to provide high quality and supportive care. Ontario seniors deserve that.”

For more details on OLTCA’s’ campaign visit: betterseniorscare.ca.