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The Council on Aging has a 20-year history of serving the interests of Kingston’s seniors and addressing issues relating to aging. Given the fact aging begins at birth, the Council on Aging is, in essence, the Council on Everyone. As citizens of one of the wealthiest, most socially progressive countries in the world, we should strive towards making Kingston an internationally-recognized model and standard for age-friendliness. Becoming a member of the Council on Aging is investing in your future, the future of your family and your city. Collective impact comes from collective engagement.

Spread the word. Add your voice to the conversation. More members means a stronger voice and the leverage required to affect real change. Join our movement and efforts towards building a better future for all, one where no one is left behind. The massive demographic shift of an aging population is already causing ripples through our social, economic and political infrastructures. A collective effort is required to address these realities and build a city we can truly be proud of. Together, we can take a leadership role in developing a blueprint for cities and communities across the country, and developing nations spanning the globe.



We’re recruiting additional candidates for our Board of Directors! Are you interested in helping the Council on Aging help seniors, than call 613-542-1336!

The Frontenac-Kingston COA Board members come from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds. This allows us to broadly consider community perspectives when working to make the COA a dominant influence for positive aging.

The Board of Directors is responsible for providing leadership and direction concerning the direction and future goals of the COA. Their goal is to make Kingston a better place in which to live and to work — for both senior citizens and all of the Kingston community. The Board of Directors is appointed annually. 

This position required 15 hours a month of your volunteer time and includes a monthly board meeting, fundraisers and promotions.
Call today 613-542-1336.