Sunshine Call Volunteer Application

Are you ready to add a little sunshine to a senior’s life?

The Sunshine Call program initially links a volunteer (possibly you!) with an isolated senior for a daily call. When comfortable, the volunteer introduces a second senior to the call. Then another, until there are four seniors to one volunteer on what is essentially a conference call. Without having to leave the house, you will help the seniors meet and make new friends. They will then exchange phone numbers to chat on their own and reduce their isolation. 

What are the volunteer qualifications?

1) Willing to Commit

Each Sunshine Call Pod (4 seniors in total) will be assigned to a pair of volunteers. A volunteer signs on to make a call each day to the seniors in their pod. The commitment is for 12-14 months as the seniors and volunteers grow attached and will look forward to the calls. We don’t want to disappoint our participants and consistency and familiarity will be beneficial. 

2) Access to a Computer

Volunteers must have access to a computer and be willing to be trained on the use of Skype (the calls are made from Skype to landlines). Council on Aging will provide all supplies and materials required to make the calls and report on the results. 

3) Administrative Skills

Volunteers must agree to complete uncomplicated log sheets of calls and participate in monthly Zoom or Skype meetings with other volunteers and guest speakers. 

It is a serious commitment but the rewards are great. You can be a catalyst for making a big difference in someone’s life. 

4) Criminal Record Check

All volunteers must be willing to provide a recent Criminal Record Check, the cost of which will be borne by the Council on Aging. 


And the most important volunteer qualification is a sense of caring and a desire to help seniors in the Kingston community!

If this sounds like you, click here to fill out a volunteer application form!