Senior Participant Application

Our social circles often disappear as we age. 

Developing new friendships may be difficult due to health and mobility. 

Without social circles that let us share and shine, we suffer, often unnoticed, as our physical and mental wellbeing begins to fray. 

The Sunshine Call Pilot Project is a local initiative brought to you by the Council on Aging that attempts to repair social networks and empower participants in the process. 

How the Program Works:

Each day, participating seniors receive a check-in phone call from a volunteer; someone in the community who cares about them. After a time, and with the senior’s consent, the senior will be introduced to other participants in the program through something similar to a conference call. The group, called the Sunshine Call Pod, will then get to know each other through phone conversations held every other day, hosted by the Sunshine Call volunteer. 

Once acquainted, the members have the option to call each other on their own in addition to receiving the hosted Sunshine Call at the designated time each day. 

Through the daily calls, three new friends are made! 

These friendships will continue to evolve from the comfort (and socially distanced safety) of the seniors’ own homes. During the pilot, the volunteer will continue to connect collectively and individually with the Pod members to ensure that it remains active, welcoming, and engaged. 

There is no charge for this service. It is entirely run by volunteers with the Council on Aging. Before making their first call, our volunteers are provided comprehensive training on how to facilitate the calls. Our volunteers will receive ongoing support from the COA through a program volunteer coordinator and access to professional expertise. Resources will be made available to support the volunteers and the participants, including a support network of community organizations that may be able to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise. 

If you, or a senior in your life, would like to receive a Sunshine Call, please call 613-542-1336 or email sunshinecallsignup@gmail.com and put “Senior Participant Application” in the subject line.